Highly Capable Services

Services at Frank Love

Frank Love is now offering Highly Capable Services for 2nd and 3rd grade students in our attendance area with the hope of expanding with 4th and 5th grades in the coming years. 

Math Instruction
Our “walk to” math model will provide 2nd and 3rd grade students with advanced learning at math time, students eligible for highly capable services in math will “walk to” the math classroom teacher designated for this accelerated instruction. Instruction will be one grade level above your child’s grade placement. 

Reading Instruction
2nd and 3rd grade students eligible for highly capable services in reading will receive advanced instruction through applying reading skills and strategies in increasingly complex texts during whole group instruction, small group instruction, book clubs, and independent reading. The work students will be engaged in during small group instruction will be in materials at an accelerated level and will address the standards one grade above. Teachers will also engage in individual conferences where they provide students instruction at the accelerated grade level. Care will be given in the planning of our scope and sequence to ensure that students do not have unnecessary repetitive content from year to year. 

Social Emotional Learning
Our teachers are well-prepared to meet your child’s social, emotional, and behavior needs. At Frank Love, students are explicitly taught problem solving skills and empathy through our school-wide curriculum; Kelso’s Choice. Our counselor also works closely with teachers and families to provide support for all students across a broad variety of needs.

District Resources

Programs & Services

Holistic Services (Grades K-1)

Holistic learners at the K-1 level are provided differentiated instruction in the regular classroom at the neighborhood school. Services are not offered within the Elementary Advanced Program (EAP) for K-1 students. Formal highly capable services do not begin until second grade.

In-Class Services (Grades 2-5)

In grades 2-5, in-class services are highly capable services provided in the general education classroom at the student's neighborhood school. Classroom teachers meet students’ instructional needs in the classroom based on the student’s skill level and needs within the content areas being taught – English language arts, math, etc. The cornerstone of in-class highly capable services is differentiated instruction.

Elementary Advanced Program (Grades 2-5)

Elementary Advanced Program (EAP) is a highly capable service model that provides students who meet eligibility requirements with the full-day opportunity for advanced level work with other students from across the district with like academic ability and interest.


  • Canyon Creek Elementary
  • Fernwood Elementary
  • Hollywood Hill Elementary
  • Kenmore Elementary
  • Kokanee Elementary
  • Lockwood Elementary
  • Moorlands Elementary
  • Ruby Bridges Elementary
  • Shelton View Elementary
  • Sunrise Elementary
  • Wellington Elementary

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