Parking & Transportation

NEW 2023-24:

The City of Bothell is taking a significant step towards enhancing safety within our community by implementing a new school zone camera enforcement program.

Map of photo-enforced school zone area


Enforcement / Complaints:
Frank Love and Northshore School District have no authority on the public roadways. If you need to submit a complaint please do so with the Bothell Police Department

Parking/Pickup Policies

Frank Love’s Bus Parking Lot – CLOSED to Vehicles During School Hours

Frank Love’s bus parking lot is CLOSED to ALL vehicles and foot traffic during the school day. Parking stalls in the bus lot are reserved for staff. School day hours include time prior to arrival and following departure to allow for bus traffic to seamlessly enter and exit – 8:40-3:50. Please help us ensure NO vehicles enter or exit the bus parking lot. Vehicles need to access Frank Love’s main parking lot, following drop-off and pick-up procedures. In addition, ALL foot traffic MUST use sidewalks and marked crosswalks for safety.

After School Pick-Up Protocol at Frank Love Elementary

Students should promptly return home after the bell. We do not have staff supervision after school hours. The playground is available for public use, however students must be supervised by a parent/guardian if they want to stay after school to play. 

If you are picking up in the car-loop: as you enter the school parking lot, proceed beyond the entry to the Main Office, using the designated one-lane pick-up zone, and continue to the student loading zone, yellow curb. Five vehicles at a time will proceed to the curb. As vehicles exit the curb additional cars may move forward to fill in the five pick-up spots. Refrain from using your cell phones when actively picking up your student in this area, its the law!

Students awaiting vehicle pick-up will be contained to one supervised area in lines, adjacent to the covered area, and will be released to you when your vehicle has come to a complete stop in one of the five pick-up spots. Students will come to your car, please do not get out of your vehicle. Please DO NOT attempt to pick-up your student prior to reaching one of the five loading zone spaces. Through traffic (i.e. vehicles not picking up students) should use the parking lot as a through lane, avoiding our one-lane student pick-up area.

Frank Love staff asks you ALWAYS make use of our pick-up zone when collecting your student at the end of the school day. Supervision and communication with your students cannot be achieved should you direct them to meet your vehicle elsewhere around campus. Should we need to reach a student to communicate a change in pick-up plans, our staff will look for your child in the loading zone adjacent to the covered area.

When exiting the main parking lot, always TURN RIGHT to help with the flow of traffic into and out of the parking lot and to keep our patrol kids safe.

Parking at Frank Love Elementary  

Cheetah Pass spots are reserved for families who need additional assistance at pick up and drop off. If your family qualifies for a Cheetah Pass, one will be given to you by your student's teacher at the beginning of the year.

When parking in areas outside of the main parking lot, please be sure you are not blocking driveways or mailboxes in our surrounding neighborhoods.   

Parent Pick Up-Walking

For parents picking up their child on foot, please meet your student in the playground area marked Parent Pick Up. Please arrive and exit this area using the approved crosswalks. Walking through the bus area is not a safe way to go.  

District Transportation

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