2018-2019 Highly Capable Eligibility Process

The 2018-2019 Highly Capable Eligibility Process is complete for students in Grades 1-7.  

Parent notification letters are being sent home, in hard copy, via backpack mail. At your earliest opportunity, please check your student’s backpack and/or take-home folder for qualification information pertaining to your student. Processes such as appeals and acceptance of services have a timeline. Further information with deadline dates is available on the Highly Capable website, and included in your results letter. 

Rather than contacting classroom teachers or school staff, questions can be addressed to the Highly Capable Department, hicap@nsd.org. 

Thank you for checking your student’s backpack mail. We appreciate your partnership.

2018-2019 Eligibility Criteria: Information about HiCap thresholds can be found on our website at this link: Eligibility Thresholds or by visiting go.nsd.org/hicapeligibility