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May 2019 Newsletter

Table of Contents

Message From The Principal

Typing Club

Calendar Notes, End of Year Assemblies

Parent Input Form for 2019-2020 School Year

Volunteer Tea

Kindergarten Registration


Lost and Found

Parking Lot Rules


Nurses' Corner

Community Serve Day

A Message From The Principal

Dear Frank Love Families,

Happy May! What beautiful weather to kick off the last month and a half of school!

As we wind down the school year, please help us plan for the upcoming school year by letting us know if you plan to move out of the Frank Love service area. We will miss you and knowing that you may be moving will allow us to say our goodbyes and plan for the next school year. You can let us know by filling out a short survey here. Please complete by May 31st.

One thing that is interesting about May is that we as staff are not only planning the end of the year activities, we are also beginning to think about the upcoming school year.  As we begin the class placement process, if you have input for your child's classroom placement for next year, please fill out the form here to share your input. This completion of this form is optional as all students will be given careful consideration whether or not family input is provided.  Please complete by May 31st.

The students are a joy! Wishing you a very fun and joyful rest of May!

Katy French, Principal

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typing club

Typing Club

Frank Love students in grades 2nd-5th have accounts in TypingClub to learn and practice typing at school or home.

Students access TypingClub at our school portal

Students click on “Sign in with Google” – students should not enter their username/email & password in the white boxes below the google box.  After clicking “Sign in with Google”, students log in with their NSD google accounts ( and NSD password.

Happy typing!

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Mark your Calendar

Calendar Notes

6/14    5th Grade Party at Pacific Science Center
6/21    5th Grade Promotion Ceremony 2 PM
6/24    Last Day of School Assembly AM / Field Day PM

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Parent Input Form

As we begin the class placement process, if you have input for your child's classroom placement for next year, please fill out the form here to share your input. This completion of this form is optional as all students will be given careful consideration whether or not family input is provided.  Please complete by May 31st

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Heartfelt Thanks to our Volunteers

Volunteer Tea

Our amazing school couldn't run without the help of our many volunteers.
To honor our volunteers, Frank Love staff will be hosting tea and treats
Thursday May 30th 8:00 - 8:45 AM in the library.
If you have helped out this year, please join us!

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Kindergarten Enrollment Information

We have begun the exciting job of starting our planning for the 2019-2020 school year here at Frank Love. Our kindergarten students and their families make up an important part of our school community.  Spread the word to your friends and neighbors to not delay and to register any incoming kindergarteners now.

We hope our incoming kindergarten families consider attending one of our upcoming school tours and our Getting School Ready event. These are important opportunities to connect with your new school community and learn about how your child can get the most out of their kindergarten experience.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Kindergarten Enrollment packets are available in the FLE office 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM.

Kindergarten Tours will be available:
     Th 5/9  9:30-10:30
     M 5/20 11:30-12:30
     Tu 6/11 4:00-4:45
     M  6/17 2:00-3:00

Getting School Ready Event:
     Mon 5/13 4:00-7:00 PM
     Sign up for a time for your child's informal screening here:  GSR screener sign-up.

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Reminder: School starts promptly at 8:50 AM and gets out at 3:30 PM.
Your student can be on the playground starting at 8:30 AM.

Put your child on the path to success with these attendance strategies.

Make school a priority. Every absence and tardy (excused or not), can impact a child’s academic achievement. Talk to your child about how important their education is. Make daily routines for homework and waking up on time for school.

Make a plan. If your schedule or transportation situation makes getting your child to school a challenge, ask for assistance. Make a carpool or transportation plan with other parents or family members or ask your school principal for community programs or school initiatives that may help.

Schedule wisely. Know your school’s calendar, and arrange doctor and dentist appointments after school, on weekends, or during holiday breaks, if possible.

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Lost and Found

As the sun makes more and more appearances, it means lots of jackets, hats, etc... get left on the playground.
Please check the school’s lost and found rack.  
Putting your student’s names clearly in all outerwear and on water bottles is also helpful.

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Parking Lot Rules

Reminder to only turn right out of the parking lot during pick up and drop off times. This is important for the safety of our students patrolling and crossing the crosswalks, as well as to keep the flow of traffic moving.  Stay off your cell phones and be courteous to one another as well as the staff and volunteers working to keep everyone safe and moving. Thank you. 

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Track and Field

Congratulations on a great first meet at KMS - to our 3rd -5th grade students participating in track. 

The next track meet will be hosted here at Frank Love Tuesday May 7th. 

We are expecting at least a hundred kids from two other schools - so make sure to deal with increased traffic accordingly.

*** We will need volunteer help to make this an awesome event.  If you are willing, we can use some help from our adult community to help manage events at the meet. If your are interested please contact Coach Regan Stanford ( ASAP.

Let's show our neighbor schools what great hosts we can be!

Thank You!

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Nurses Corner


Physical activity is essential in helping keep our bodies healthy.  It helps to burn off the calories we take in with meals,  builds strong bones and muscles,  helps keep our minds active, alleviates stress, and helps us sleep better.  People who do not get enough exercise often become overweight, because they are consuming more calories than they are using.  They do not build up good muscles,  and may become stressed out or depressed more easily.  It is important to get the right amount of exercise to stay healthy, be better learners, and feel our best.

Small amounts of physical activity throughout the day can add up.  It isn't necessary to get all your daily exercise at one time.

School aged children should get at least one hour of good physical exercise every day.  In the years before game boxes and computer games, children spent a greater amount of time outdoors, and were more physically active.

Some ways to put more activity into your child's day (and yours):

*  When you are out with your child,  park further away from your destination to   encourage walking. 

*  Take the stairs rather than an elevator or escalator.

*  Go for a bike ride with your child, either to a favorite destination, or around the neighborhood. (Don't forget to wear helmets)

*  Plan a short hike to a location your child will enjoy… take a picnic lunch or supper.

* Put on some of your child's favorite music and dance.

*  Have a jump rope contest

*Get out a ball or Frisbee and have an active game of catch. Vary the length of the distances you are throwing.

* Set up a back yard obstacle course

*  Encourage having friends over for backyard games

* Run with the dog.

*  Organized activities (soccer, basketball, gymnastics, football, dance classes, etc.)

* Go for a family walk after supper (If your children are older, don't want to walk together, and it's safe,  have them see how much more quickly they can cover the distance.

*Keep track of the hours spent in front of the TV or video games and insist on half as much time spent being physically active.

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Community Serve Day

Community Serve Day

Make a difference Sunday, August 25th 9a-1p

Be a part of transforming one of the pillars of our community-our local schools.
In just four hours, your time and talents will make an impact in the lives of teachers and kids for an entire year.  Projects include setting up classrooms, improving school grounds, and revitalizing structures.

Please join us as a family, business, group or individual!

Find Out More Here:

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