October 28th 2022 Newsletter

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Letter from the Principal

90's Day 

Picture Day Retakes

Lost & Found Glasses 

Coats for Kids 

Library News

Cross Country 

Veterans Day Assembly

Health Room News

Technology News

Note from our School Counselor 

Frank Love PTA

Letter from the Principal 

Dear Frank Love Families, 

Today we held our second in-person whole school assembly. Students from each classroom received Humanitarian Awards, and families joined to honor them. It is wonderful to be able to come together as a community and connect over shared celebration and pride in our students. 

During our assembly our counselor, Ms Weber, presented Empowerment as the school wide focus for November and December. Empowerment is the process of becoming stronger and more confident. It means people having power and control over their own lives. Teaching empowerment to our students helps them advocate for themselves and others, and set and meet goals. During conference week you may see this in action as you learn about your student’s progress this year. 

Have a great weekend!


Katy French and Sara Davis

Katy French

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Spirit Day - Bringin Back the 90's  

Our Associate Student Body (ASB) is hosting our first spirit day - 90's Day! Dress up in all your 90's gear on Friday, November 4th. For all information about 90's day check out this slide show made by our ASB team. 

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Picture Day Retakes  

  • If you missed picture day, your student will get their picture taken on Dec. 1st. Please have your student bring in their order envelope, or order online if you choose. 

  • If you ordered pictures on the first picture day, your student’s picture packets were sent home this week. 

    • If you need to try again, and want to participate in picture retakes on December 1st, your student must bring their picture packet back with them that day.

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Lost & Found Glasses 

 We have a collection of lost & found glasses in the office. If any of these glasses look familiar,   please send your student to the office to collect their glasses. 






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Coats for Kids 

 Frank Love Elementary is participating in Coats for Kids sponsored by Knights of   Columbus. If you would like a coat for your student please fill out this form. We will do our   best to match the size and then we will send the coat home with your student. 

 Coats for Kids Overview:

 To Provide warmth for children in need during cold winter months. The goal of the Coats for   Kids program is to ensure that no child in North America goes without a coat during the   winter season. Through the dedication of councils across the United States and Canada,   hundreds of thousands of new winter coats have been distributed to children since program   inception.




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Clipart stack of 5 books.

Library News  

Seeking Donations - Puzzles!

 There are a lot of ways our Cheetah Readers find comfort and belonging   in our library.  Many of our readers find calm and friendship while working   on a puzzle with a classmate.  

 If you have puzzles (floor puzzles, wooden/foam, or 25 -300 pieces) that   you would be willing to donate to the library, we’d LOVE them!  We will   use them in the library AND many will be made available to students for   check out from our NEW Take and Play section in the library.  


Library Volunteers Needed

The library is always looking for additional volunteers to assist with check out, shelving and special projects.  If you would like to serve as a library helper during your student’s weekly visit, or at some other time, please email Rebecca Wynkoop at rwynkoop@nsd.org. Thank you for supporting our Cheetah Readers!

Follow us! 

The Frank Love Library (@franklovelibrary) is on Instagram! Follow us to see the exciting learning that takes place as we connect, create and come together through story.  You might find some new book recommendations, too! 

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Cross Country  

Schedule changes 

We were able to reschedule the meet that was canceled last week.  Therefore, our season is extended another week. The schedule for the next two weeks is:

Tuesday    10/25    4:45pm         Westhill Elementary - 19515 88th Ave NE, Bothell

Thursday   10/27    3:40pm         Frank Love (practice)

Tuesday     11/1      5:00 Finals   Canyon Creek Elementary- 21400 35th Ave. Bothell

Thursday    11/3      3:40pm        Frank Love- last practice and celebration (please return jersey)

AIR QUALITY POLICY FROM THE DISTRICT - “Athletic practices and competitions are now not allowed once the local AQI exceeds 100 and it is zip code specific.”   We will keep an eye on this in case the air quality rises before the meet.

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Veterans Day Assembly  

Dear Frank Love Elementary Families,

Frank Love Elementary will be having a short assembly honoring our Veterans on Wednesday, November 9th, at 9:45AM in the school Gym. 

We would like to invite relatives of our students who have served in the Armed Forces to attend this program.  We would love to have you wear or bring your uniform if possible!  We would also love to have the Veteran guests say a few words about who they are and how they served our country. Please print off and return the bottom portion of this invitation to the office by Friday, November 4th to be included in the assembly.

In addition:

We will be putting together a slideshow for ALL Veteran relatives of our students and staff to show at the assembly. Please open the example slide, edit, and send it to Mrs. Murphy by Friday, November 4th to have your slides included in the assembly presentation.

Thank you!

Caryssa Murphy & Caty Barber


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Health Room News 


  • Grades K-3 and 5 was completed on  October 6th. 
  • We are in the process of screening students who were absent. 

  • You will only be notified of screening results if your student did NOT pass the screening. 

  • Students who do not pass a screening will receive written notification in the form of a referral. Please take this referral form to your student’s health care provider for a professional exam and return results to the school.

  • Please send the results of the professional exam to the school nurse or call with results. 

If you do not have insurance coverage for eye exams or glasses or need assistance, the nurses can assist with resources. 

It’s time for Flu Shots and COVID boosters:

The flu vaccine is recommended for everyone six months and older, including those pregnant and nursing. Bivalent (COVID-19) boosters are approved for persons aged 12 and older. For specific recommendations regarding the COVID vaccine and boosters, please go here. In most cases, both vaccinations can be given together. Please speak to your healthcare provider or pharmacist for more information.

To locate vaccines, contact your health care provider or check this website: 

Vaccines.gov - Find COVID‑19 vaccine locations near you

Learn more about flu shots and why it’s important for children to get a yearly flu shot:


RSV infections are on the rise: When It's More Than Just A Cold

Almost all children get RSV at least once before they are 2 years old. For most healthy children, RSV is like a cold. But, some children get very sick with RSV. With RSV season starting earlier than usual again this year, here's what parents need to know.​


Find all information on when to stay home and when to return to school here.

If you have questions, please contact the school nurse. Thank you for helping to keep Frank Love Elementary healthy and safe. 

Thank you,
Shelly Sehmel, RN and Susan Monette Czarnecki, RN
Phone: 425-408-4606
Fax: 425-408-4602

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Technology Devices (ipads and chromebooks) 

Please contact jhert@nsd.org with student device questions.  Families can also submit a technology support helpdesk ticket with link http://go.nsd.org/studenttechhelp

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Note from our School Counselor  

Hello Families,

Cheetah Values: At today’s all school assembly we introduced a Frank Love value that we will be focusing on in November and December: Empowerment. Empowerment is the process of becoming stronger and more confident. It means people having power and control over their own lives. We will be encouraging kids to empower themselves and others. One way to empower yourself is to identify and manage your emotions. Another way is to set goals for yourself and celebrate your accomplishments.

Emotion Regulation: This month I have been teaching students about emotion management. I have been using the Zones of Regulation in K-2 and I have been teaching grades 3-5 about the brain and how the amygdala tries to keep us safe but can sometimes take control when we are not in danger. We call this “flipping your lid”. All grades are working on practicing and choosing their favorite calming tools to use when feeling strong emotions.

Here is the November SEL calendar for fun SEL activities at home.

Family Resources: Please check out Clothes For Kids for a free clothing resource for Northshore families.

Please fill out this form to find out about resources in our community for families in need, and we will contact you when we hear about available resources.  

Request to Receive Information about Resources.

Solicitud Para Recibir Información de Recursos

Take care,

Sherry Weber

School Counselor


Mrs. Weber's Website

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Frank Love PTA 

Frank Love Families! 

Purchase your holiday pies from our 5th Graders! All proceeds go towards end of year events and a gift to leave the school from the class of 2023! For all information and to place your order click here.

To grab your PTA Membership, check out upcoming events and all things PTA click here

Sincerely, Frank Love PTA

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